Comenius Projects 2003 - 2013

For historical reasons, you will find a list and replay of all ancient websites that were held for the Comenius projects in the years 2003 to 2013. These projects involved only four and then six schools from Estonia, Denmark, Germany, France, the Czech Republic and Turkey.

Please remember: Some of these websites are very old and and do not meet today's web-standards, most are not responsive, some of them need the old Flash Player, most photos are small - compared with today's standard. But all are worth seeing and not to be forgotten.

These web pages are dedicated to all teachers and students who have worked very successfully for a long time on Europe's future.

We had two projects:

These projects are documented hereby. Most documents are in web-conditions of these "early" Internet-years, some must be converted in new web pages. Sometimes you even need the notorious Flashplayer. Most websites contain photos, the younger in time, the higher the number of photos... If you only want an overview (aka "best of"), take a look at the web-version of the "Picture Book of 'Young in Europe' and 'Environment and Sustainability'" , as a PDF (3MB) in a new window.

Berlin, September 2018
Krista Jacobsen, Rikke Bruus Jensen, Lothar Wiesweg

Documentation in Youtube-Playlist with 25 videos

Documentation in Websites:

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